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Spirit weaving by Zann Carter
Spirit weaving
by Zann Carter

















































































































































Calendar of Events - see the newsletter in the Members Only area for more details on events.
We have guild meetings September through May.

To both promote the fiber arts in our csommunity and to encourage participation in a wide variety of events, the Guild welcomes individuals and businesses to advertise events & classes in our online Guild calendar.  For full details and rates (if applicable) please review our Advertising Policy.

Next AWSG Monthly Meeting - May 13, 2023 - 10AM

pavillianMark Your Calendars for the May Meeting!! Saturday, May 13th is the date of the May meeting. It will be in person at the Abbott Loop Picnic Pavilion at 8101 Elmore Dive. We will be celebrating!!! What will be
celebrating, you ask? Here are just a few highlights:
The Guild Challenge – the theme of which is “Pearlescence” or “Luminescence”, anything with a beautiful glow or shine!! We will show them off to each The Guild’s 50th Anniversary!!!!!!
Being together in person!!!!! Come and join the fun!! It will be so good to see everyone!!!!!

Challenge 2023: The “Escences” of Weaving (aka Bling! )
Organized by Elena Prisekin
The idea is from Handwoven Magazine Editorial Calendar September/October 2023

Here is your chance to explore iridescence, opalescence, luminescence, and pearlescence in weaving. All four of these characteristics can make a fabric sing with color and light. Show off your techniques for creating one or more of these effects or even other color effects whether you use structure, color placement, yarn choice, or all three to do so.

We will share our results in the May 2023 Guild Meeting. It will be fun to compare our results to the Handwoven Magazine issue in September/October 2023!

Annual K'esugi Ken Summer Event - July 27-31, 2023K'esugi Ken
Our annual summer event at K'esugi Ken in Denali State Park will be Thursday, July 27 thru Monday, July 31. Most folks will be there from Friday thru Sunday. Come for whatever time you can get away.

Please be aware that the tent sites in Kesugi Ken are under construction and are not available to rent or reserve. The rest of the campground is open and taking reservations. Plan to make a reservation as soon as possible as the campground is filling up! Other options are:

     Byers Lake campground, a few miles farther north from Kesugi Ken and still in Denali State Park
     Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge at the south end of Denali State Park
     Mary Carey’s McKinley View Lodge near the Denali South View in Denali State Parks

Study Groups

Band Weaving - Led by Joanne Teague, third Thursday of the month, 6pm
The AWSG band weaving study group is on hiatus until August 17th. The meetings are generally on the third Thursday of the month - 6:00 pm via Zoom. We are continuing to to share/chat on facebook, and may meet in person. Meeting ID: 841 5663 3985 Passcode: weaving

Churanunu - Led by Scharine Kirchoff, Meets 4th Sunday from 11:00-2:00 p.m.

The concept of Churanunu (pronouned “Chu-ra-nu-nu”) originated in Okinawa, Japan. Churanunu is a process…of discovery, learning, and following one’s own creative path.We welcome your participation at the Churanunu Study Group. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 26 at 11:00 am. The meeting agenda will include our individual 3-Dimensional Form Projects. In addition, we will be creating a 3-D star paper book at the mtg. Please contact Scharine Kirchoff at this email for additional information. April 26th will be our last meeting before we take a hiatus for the Summer .

Join Us At the Make-It Gatherings by Lorri Wright, third Saturday of the month, 10am - 2pm
Join us for the Monthly Make-It Gathering on the third Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm. Walk straight back from the parking lot to The Commons House. There are three separate rooms for our different study groups. Please join us for either a study group or to simply work on your project with others. 3322 Commons Circle off W34th. Saturday April 15th (third Saturday), 10am to 2pm.

Local Opportunities by Sherry Rogers, usually the 3rd Saturday of the mont, 10am - 12pm
We spin at the Eagle River library as a community outreach, to introduce our community to spinning with both spinning wheels and drop spindles. The Eagle River library advertises this event for us, and consequently, it is important that someone show up each time. Additionally, the library, as part of their publicity, will advertise that if someone is interested in trying to spin on a wheel, they may contact the library in advance. The librarian then reaches out to us so that we can have someone bring an extra wheel and fiber. If you have an extra wheel and fiber that you would bring, or are willing to let someone try spinning on your wheel, please let me know.

While it is a library, the old rule of complete silence is no more, however, they would like us to keep it to a conversational level of speaking, as there are those who are studying. Sorry, no whooping it up... Generally speaking, we will spin on the 3rd Saturday of the month, with the exception of Jan and Feb, when it will depend on the library’s holiday closure schedule. (Often they are closed on the 3rd Saturday because of MLK Day and President’s Day. This Feb, we will spin on the 4th Saturday.) Also, we will NOT spin during the summer (June-Aug), nor will we spin in Dec.

We will be advertised as spinning from 10 AM to 12 noon, HOWEVER, if you can’t come until 11 AM, that’s just fine. Everyone is welcome to stay longer than 12 noon, if they would like.
Here is the schedule for 2023:sheep
      • April 15
      • May 20
      • Sept 16
      • Oct 21

Chemo Cap Project by Marjorie McLaren, AWSG Service Projects Committee
So far, 40 hats have been contributed this year toward the long running Guild project to provide soft, easy-care knitted or crocheted hats to local hospitals and infusion centers for cancer patients undergoing treatment. We routinely make distributions to various cancer treatment centers in Anchorage. Please contact Marjorie McLaren 907-250-5489 cell if you have hats to contribute or need yarn/patterns.

Valley Fiber Arts Guild 2023 Spring AFAR registration is open - April 21st - 23rd

Spring 2023 AFAR is coming up beginning at Noon Friday April 21 through Noon Sunday April 23 at Camp Maranatha 19780 W Camp Dr Big Lake, AK. There are lots of details to share, please read this email in its entirety!

Registrations are open, copy and paste this link into your web browser: If you are interested in attending a class, you must register for retreat since we are charged for every person attending. There are two different Saturday only options available to allow for more flexibility. I will be sending another email later this week with class information.

Our retreats are a popular event and we love the time we get to spend together doing what makes us happy, playing with Fiber! We have an exciting weekend planned full of classes and activities. This weekend's theme is Color Play Dying and we will have a special hostess gift for you! Remember our Color It to Win It challenge from the Fall retreat - this retreat is your chance to put into practice the Color Theory concepts you learned last fall.

All registrations for Langley Hall are tentative and will be assigned first to legacy members that still qualify. All other Langley registrants will be placed on a waiting list and rooms will be assigned as availability allows. You will be notified via email if you are assigned to a Langley room versus a cabin. Langley rooms are double occupancy, so be sure to identify a preferred roommate - please know we reserve the right to assign roommates as needed but will do our best to accommodate requests. Please note there are no refunds. Cabins are equipped with power, heat, and bunks; please provide your own bedding.

Camp Maranatha takes precautions to provide a clean, sanitized environment and follows the most current CDC guidelines. As always, we respect your right to choose to come or not. If you do come, please take the precautions you deem necessary to keep protected while respecting others. Masks are not required and will not be enforced, but if you prefer to wear one please feel free to do so, extras will be provided. The Camp staff completely sanitizes the camp, but we encourage folks to bring their own bedding if you so choose. Please limit the use of hand sanitizers and use them outdoors as some of our friends are allergic to them.

During this weekend there will be a sharing table where folks can bring goodies to share with others if you choose. If you don't wish to share please keep your food items in your cabin, room, or seating area rather than the designated sharing table area. Shared refrigerators are still available for everyone's use, please clearly mark your items. Meals are on your own over the weekend, other than a catered dinner on Saturday. Please let me know if you have any allergies, the Camp will do its best to accommodate them. All Langley rooms have a in-room mini-fridge and microwave.

More about our Color It to Win It contest! Last fall I introduced the challenge to participate in the new fleece to finish category at the Alaska State Fair this summer. At fall retreat we held a lot of classes introducing and expanding on Color Theory concepts. This spring we will put those concepts into practice by holding a dying event and color play classes. Bring your fiber, yarn, project, felt to dye with the palette of your dreams. Enter your item in the Fair and then bring it to our 2023 Fall retreat - the people's choice winner will win a fabulous prize!

We are going to try something new this retreat. Saturday we have provided a registration option (Saturday part day) for junior fiber friends that would like to attend retreat. Here are the rules and they will be strictly enforced:

  • Junior participants must be over 9 years old (no children younger than 9)
  • Hours for junior participants are Saturday 4/22 anytime between 9am and 4pm only
  • They must be supervised by a parent/grandparent and be well behaved (unruly behavior will be asked to leave)
  • They must stay in the gym and surrounding area, no going into Langley or the cabins
  • They must be respectful of other's machines, space, ect...
  • They are encouraged to attend at least one class (all classes are open to juniors)

We like to see the fiber arts encouraged in our juniors and invest in the creativity of our next generation. We are going to try this out and if successful consider this as an option for future retreats.

We will have vendors and massage therapists available during retreat. Vendor space is limited, please be sure to register and mark the vendor box. You will get a confirmation email if you are approved to vend. If you would like to request approval before you register, please email with your request.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me by sending an email to I am eager to see everyone again and welcome new friends!
Thank you, Retreat Diva

Directions: From Parks Highway in Wasilla take a left onto Big Lake Rd. Go 3.4 miles and turn right onto Beaver Lake Rd. Go 1 mile and turn left onto W Lakes Blvd. Go 3.8 miles and turn right onto the 2nd Horseshoe Lake Rd (do not turn at Smokey Bear sign, keep going until you see the Camp Maranatha sign). Go 1.3 miles and turn left onto Camp Dr. Go down the drive until you arrive at the Camp Maranatha.

Creative Weaving Event - Anchorage Museum at the Rasumussen Center
May 6th & 7th, 2023

Express your creativity with weaving. You provide the imagination; we provide the tools. Skilled weavers guide participants in this beginner workshop. There will be a variety of colors and textures for you to choose from to weave your fabric. At the session’s end, you will take home your woven creation. Space is limited; registration required. $60, $55 for museum members

Scarf by Ellen Halseth

2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Link to be provided via info-blast


10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Link to be provided via info-blast


Online and at your own pace by Karen Williams

  • Tien Chui is a weaver who specializes in color theory. She offers several classes, both pre-recorded and live.
  • This is a monthly/yearly subscription. For one price you get access to their whole catalog that has many spinning and weaving classes in addition: knitting, crochet, dyeing, felting
    and color theory
  • This is a yearly subscription course. There is an amazing amount of weaving content. AWSG members have taken these courses and given them high reviews
  • Heddlecraft has a listing of other weaving online courses.
  • Rebecca has a great online course for tapestry weavin
  • Alanna has a broad choice of spinning and dyeing classes.

    The guild has a scholarship program that can be used for virtual classes. There is no financial need requirement. We only ask that you give back to the guild in some way, like leading a study group, writing an article or teaching a class. The scholarship committee will work with you to find a perfect match between your skill/time and the guild’s needs.

Live and interactive by Karen Williams Offers a variety of classes, from single project “weave a-longs” to special guest instructors. An intriguing variety, ever changing of Nordic traditional textile crafts, including a free class “Viking Era Clothing    And Jewelry” on Nov 19th and a recording of their most recent class “Symbols In Bandweaving: The Emojis Of Traditional Handcraft”. Guatemalan weaving, dyeing and embroidery classes
Sheep to Shawl

Sheep to Shawl at 2023 Mat-Su Fiber Festival - July 15-16, 2023
by Dawn Groth
The Sheep to Shawl Demonstration is presented in partnership with the Mat-Su Fiber Festival.

Date: Saturday, July 15, 10a-5p and Sunday, July 16 10a-2p
Registration: Limited to five teams, First come, first served.
Cost: $30 per team, payable to Mat-Su Fiber Festival
Deadline: Entry Deadline is June 30, 2023

Demonstration Rules:
TEAM: A team will consist of 6 members: 1 weaver and up to 5 others that will perform spinning, carding, plying, gofer and education provider. Team members can change tasks during the competition to mitigate body stress. All team members can help with fiber preparation. All members can participate in finishing.

We have two teams thus signed up for Sheep to Shawl; Eagle River and MatSu Valley.

EQUIPMENT: Each team will provide its own equipment: Looms, hand cards, manual drum carder, pre warped loom, shuttles, bobbin winders …. all manually operated. To reduce tripping hazards, No electric drum carders or e-spinners.

YARNS AND FIBER: Teams will provide their own warp, either handspun or commercial yarn. Commercial yarns are acceptable for warp; however, extra points may be given for handspun. Teams will also provide their own weft fiber with no preparation other than washing and/or dyeing. All Teasing, picking and carding are done during competition. Warp and weft may be natural or dyed and can be any fiber.

WEAVING BASICS: The weaving must fit into a judging category of 2023 Alaska State Fair. Check latest rules at A sample of the fiber used for a handspun warp, and pre-dyed yarns or fiber shall be presented with the weaver’s notes. All looms allowed if there is a category at Alaska State Fair. Finished shawls to be entered into Alaska State Fair for judging and public viewing. Check Alaska State Fair for rules and regulations for the shawl category.

Weaver’s notes: At a minimum weaver’s notes shall include the weaving draft, fiber content with description/identification of animal, including a sample of warp, fiber content with description/identification including a sample of weft spun during on-site demonstration, and a description of the finished intended use of product.

Public Information: Each team may dress in any style appropriate for the demonstration, costumes or team ensembles are encouraged. Each team will prepare a storyboard poster for display with information regarding its guild, team and/or area. This poster will also feature an explanation of the weaving project/pattern with fibers and yarn samples attached which may include the weaver’s notes. Points will be awarded for the completeness and imagination of the display.

Spinning and weaving: The weft yarn may not exceed 3 times the diameter of the warp yarn.

Off loom finishing: A fringe treatment is not required, however, the ends must be appropriately finished, in the judge’s opinion, for the completed project’s intended use.

For additional questions and to register, please email Dawn Groth, or 907-720-3580.

Shawls future:
1. Shawls will be judged Sunday, July 16 @ 2:15pm (judging guidelines to be available by June 30).
2. Shawls will be raffled July 16, proceeds to go towards participating Guild or Mat-Su Fiber Festival, if team is not part of a guild.
3. Person who wins the raffle and shawl will allow team to enter the shawl into 2023 Alaska State Fair for judging.

Solar Dyeing your own Handspun with Deborah Gray

Solar Dyeing with Deborah GrayDeborah Gray is a textile artist based in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland. Her recent work examines the links between land(scape), the natural materials (fibre, plants) which grow there, and the work created from those materials which reflects elements of the land(scape). Completed projects can be seen at She is currently working on a community artwork using wool fabrics and yarns which she has dyed with the 18 trees associated with the Gaelic alphabet.

Deborah works mainly with wool, and has taught hand spinning, natural dyeing and knitting techniques for over 40 years, including workshops in Scotland, Italy, Iceland and Greenland and 10 consecutive years as guest tutor at Shetland Wool Week.

She has been Artist-in-Residence at The Icelandic Textile Centre, Blönduós, NorthWest Iceland in 2018, 2019 and 2021. She was Lead Practitioner for the Eco Creative Cluster dye garden project at The Rockfield Centre, Oban, developing a dye garden and programme of natural dyeing workshops while building a network of local and international practitioners focusing on the use of natural dyes and related practices. She is a collaborator in Wool in the North, a project seeking to address the waste of wool around the North Atlantic by developing sustainable wool-based tourism and other initiatives.

Solar Dyeing Workshop Notes

Eagle River Library Spinning
Spinning at the library as a community outreach, to introduce our community to spinning with both spinning wheels and drop spindles. The library advertises this event for us, and consequently, it is important that someone show up each time. Additionally, the library, as part of their publicity, will advertise that if someone is interested in trying to spin on a wheel, they may contact the library in advance. The librarian then reaches out to us so that we can have someone bring an extra wheel and fiber. If you have an extra wheel and fiber that you would bring, or are willing to let someone try spinning on your wheel, please let me know. Contact Sherry Rogers at (907) 694-3319 for more info.

While it is a library, the old rule of complete silence is no more, however, they would like us to keep it to a conversational level of speaking, as there are those who are studying. Sorry, no whooping it up...

Generally speaking, we will spin on the 3rd Saturday of the month, with the exception of Jan and Feb, when it will depend on the library's holiday closure schedule. (Often they are closed on the 3rd Saturday because of MLK Day and President's Day. This Feb, we will spin on the 4th Saturday.) Also, we will NOT spin during the summer (June-Aug), nor will we spin in Dec.

Library Spinning will be advertised as spinning from 10 AM to 12 noon, HOWEVER, if you can't come until 11 AM, that's just fine. Everyone is welcome to stay longer than 12 noon, if they would like.

Here is the schedule for 2023:

  • Feb 25
  • Mar 18
  • April 15
  • May 20
  • Sept 16
  • Oct 21
  • Nov 18

Fun Knitting Opportunity:
A knitting group through Catholic Social Services has recently begun for a group of women who are refugees from Afghanistan. There are about 8 or so in the group, and they are new knitters. We started last Wednesday, and I was the sole knitting helper. It was really fun! More helpers would be great!!

Time: Wednesdays 12:00 to 1:30 pm
Where: The Catholic Social Services Welcome Center, 4135 San Roberto Ave (close to the East side Costco)

2 or 3 additional helpers would really help. Hopefully with a small group of dedicated helpers, there would always be at least one helper each week, knowing that we can't all be available every Wednesday. The women are friendly and enthusiastic. They have limited English, but are learning fast. I am organizing materials and simple projects for them.

Questions: Call Sarah Robicheaux at 338-8516 or email SarahPlease let me know if you plan on coming.

Interesting Fiber Classes
This is not ANWG or HGA, but it is interesting. Each of these classes is one hour long and available for $20.00 over Zoom

Ukrainian Folk Art Project
The AWSG band weaving study group’s next project is in support of Ukraine. We will each pick a project either inspired by Ukrainian folk art, in Ukrainian flag colors or from a Ukrainian source. We are looking at various Ukrainian textile sellers on Etsy who sell PDFs, since this is a way to financially support textile artist in Ukraine. Ukraine folk costuming contains a lot of embroidery. In addition, there is some overlap in band weaving with fellow Baltic countries. A lot of patterns while not intended for weaving, would be very easy to use in weaving. Or this may be the perfect time to use your handspun in embroidery.

Below is a list of Ukrainian Etsy sellers of PDF patterns. I searched Etsy for “Ukraine PDF”. This list is in no way complete. I did verify that each of the sellers below is from Ukraine. This idea came from this article: The lady profiled in the article is the first shop listed below. The article may inspire you to join us in this project.

Some examples are:

Needle Felting by Pam Clifton

Pam Clifton's pumpkins     Pam Cllifton's felted      Pam Clifton's felted apples

ANWG 2023 Conference
Spotlight Education 2023

Drum roll please. . . .
We have a great lineup of workshops and seminars at next June’s 2023 ANWG Conference in Bend, Oregon. Our schedule includes something for everyone with:

Weavers• 9, 3-day workshops
• 13, 2-day workshops
• 17, 1-day workshops, all happening Mon.-Thurs.
• 44 seminars with in-person instructors on Fri.-Sat.
• 5 virtual seminars to attend in person or by Zoom on Fri.-Sat.

Kudos to our hard-working Education Committee for coordinating this wonderful array of fiber arts learning opportunities. Thanks to our talented instructors who will be participating in this long-awaited conference.

Our Website Administrator, Dan Steves of the Portland Handweavers Guild, has taken this information and made a variety of easy-to-read webpages that display the information in a variety of ways: Workshops and seminars by day and time, subject matter, experience level and by instructor. You can find all this information on the conference website under the top menu “Learn” on every page. Take a look and start planning your conference week activities.

We will be building our registration system over the next 4 months and anticipate online registration will open mid-January for workshops and the conference package. The conference package will include 3 seminars of your choice on Friday and Saturday (including in-person access to the virtual seminars), and admission to our evening events that include:

• Thursday Marketplace Shopping Extravaganza and Opening Reception, sponsored by Heddlecraft® Magazine, our good friend Robyn Spady
• Friday’s Banquet and Keynote Speaker, Jeanne Carver
• Saturday’s grand finale Reception and Fashion Show sponsored by Lunatic Fringe Yarns.

Hotel reservations are now open for our three conference hotels: Riverhouse on the Deschutes, Red Lion, and the Element. Links to individual hotel information and their reservation system is found under the top menu “Places” on every webpage, on the Home page, and on the Location page.

The 2023 Conference Committee is excited to host you, your guild friends, and anyone interested in fiber arts instruction and exhibition next June 11-18, 2023 in Bend, Oregon.

Come join in the fun! Now's the time to plan your trip, book accommodations, and be ready with your first and second choices for all the classes when registration opens in January 2023. See you next June!

ANWG 2023 Conference Update

The last day to register for a Conference Package was Sunday, March 19. The Package includes three seminars, a conference bag, woven nametag, and the three evening events for $395. This is a $70 savings over a la carte pricing for the same seminars and events. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to make the most out of your conference experience this June.

If you have registered for a Conference Package, make sure that you signed up for the seminars you want. Some people were surprised to find they had not registered for seminars when they thought they had. There are also people who signed up for fewer than the three seminars included in the Conference Package. Being on a wait list for a seminar does not count toward the limit of three. Let Janis Johnson the Conference Registrar know if you have questions or need help, by sending an email to

The Registration system will not be available from Monday, March 20 through Sunday, March 26. Registration will open again at 7:00 AM PDT on Monday, March 27 with a la carte sales for seminars, the Shopping Extravaganza and Reception, the Banquet and Keynote Address, and Saturday’s Reception and Fashion Show, plus all available workshops and meetings.

Lodging Availability
An update on the rooms available at the conference hotels:

Riverhouse has more than 15 rooms available at conference rates from Sun-Tues. June 11-13. Three rooms available on Wed. 6-14; 0 rooms on Thurs. 6-15; 1 room on Friday 6-16; and more than 15 available on Saturday, June 17. The room block rates are more than $100 per night less than the current room rates. We will not be able to get any additional rooms added to our block at these lower prices.

Red Lion has 24 double queen rooms available at $209/night. This hotel is right across the street from the Convention Center and a good option.

The Element Hotel has 17 rooms available, and the rooms include a cook-to-order breakfast and happy hour with food daily. Please contact these hotels directly to check on availability for your length of stay. The phone numbers and links can be found under the “Places” tab at the top of each webpage.

Bend has over 25,000 hotel rooms, so if you are looking for other accommodations, you can certainly find it with a quick internet search.

Available Workshop Highlights

We still have seats available in these two fantastic workshops: Diane Totten’s Crimp and Create . Diane has been experimenting and weaving crimp fabric, making clothing, and teaching this technique to students for many years. She has produced DVD’s and articles in major fiber arts magazines as well as teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Take this opportunity to learn a unique weaving technique from Diane right here in the Pacific Northwest.

And Susan Wilson’s Polychrome Crackle with Susan Wilson features amazing ways to design drafts and create color interaction in a block weave on only 4 shafts. Susan has written a book, Weave Classic Crackle & More, as well as many articles for fiber arts magazines. She has a Certificate of Excellence in Weaving at the Master level in the crackle weave structure. You won’t find a better opportunity to learn a weave structure from a master weaver like Susan.

Available Seminar Highlights

Two interesting seminars have seats available: Thimbleberry Felt Designs with Tylar Merrill and Color Theory from the Fringe with Michele Belson. Tylar has explored felt design for many years and has developed different techniques and processes to achieve her wonderful garment creations. You will want to explore felt designing with Tylar in this Friday afternoon seminar.

Michele has been teaching color theory, weaving, and pattern drafting for many years now all over the US as co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Yarns. This seminar explores hue, value, and color contrasts using a variety of tools to help your work reflect your personal color vision. Sign up for this seminar on Saturday afternoon.

Students will be contacted by Instructors in mid-April with any special instructions for workshops and seminars. Should you need to contact the instructor before this, please email the Education Co-chair, Ginger Kaldenbach, and include the session name and your question.

We are looking forward to hosting all of you at the 2023 ANWG Conference. Take advantage of these wonderful educational opportunities here in Central Oregon. Grab your friends and sign up for a workshop and seminars, participate in the shows and exhibits, and experience the camaraderie of a fiber arts conference June 12-17 in Bend, Oregon. Registration information is on our website home page

ANWG 2023

Join us June 11-18, 2023 at the
Riverhouse Convention Center ~ Bend, Oregon


Other Fiber Activities Around the State:

Alaska has a vibrant and active fiber community. Here is a sampling of events happening around State you may be interested in attending.

Cordova Fiber Arts Guild


Check out their Facebook page to keep current on what members are working on.


Eagle River Spinners
Location: Eagle River Library; Eagle River, AK
Dates: 10 AM, third Saturday of the month
Location: Eagle River Library

The Eagle River Spinners welcome anyone interested in the fiber arts. Please join us at 10 am on the third Saturday of the month at the Eagle River Library. This is an opportunity to not only to spin together, but as an outreach to, and educational tool for, our community.



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