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Churanunu Study Group

"Churanunu" (originating from Okinawa, Japan) is the ongoing process of personal and artistic discovery. Each study group member follows an individual creative path during a 3-4 month intensive period of study on a selected subject. During this period of focus and discovery, we develop ideas and learn new techniques. Thereafter, each member creates a final project that is shared with the group. I'm so pleased to share some captured images of several of our member's 3D artwork here in the AWSG newsletter. Note that several of our study group members are currently traveling, so we'll enjoy their final 3D projects at a future mtg./newsletter. In the meantime, it's our pleasure to sit back, and appreciate each beautiful piece that has been created to date.

Scharine Saori Woven Mobile    Julie's Fabric Woven Basket    Sarah's felted Lamp    Sandra's Multi-Media Sculpture

As you can see from the photos, the study group members have embedded the Churanunu spirit in their final artwork. Each piece is personal, and embodies the soul, and artistic voice within each individual.

Now that our final projects are completed, our minds are swirling with ideas for our next project! Further, we're pleased to welcome a new member to our study group, Sherri Rogers, who will be participating in our future creative adventures.

Contact Scharine for meeting information or questions.