The Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of the fiber arts in Alaska. The guild seeks to promote the exhibition of fiber arts and to inform its members and the public through lectures, workshops and craft demonstrations.

Membership reminder
September 2022 was the start of the new Guild Year. Guild membership has been temporarily lowered to $35 this year. Please keep our community whole and thriving by joining us! We have a lot of really wonderful programs planned. Please join us using the link below. You will be given the choice of paying online via PayPal or sending us a check. Please note that the form reads an incorredt amount as the dues are $35/yr and $10 for newsletter only.

Please click HERE to enroll or renew. Vesterheim Bandweaving

Next AWSG Monthly Meeting - December 10, 2022, 10AM
Zoom information will be available in December.

Winterfest 2023
- two days of virtual fiber arts seminars, will be held on Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29 on the same Lessonface platform as last year.

Classes offered include:

  • Introduction to Double-knitting - Alasdair Post-Quinn
  • Twisted Together: Crepe, Cables and the Endless Possibilities of Layered Plying - Esther Rodgers
  • Straight Up: Spinning Vertically Dyed Braids - Jillian Moreno
  • The Pros and Cons of Predrafting - Maggie Casey
  • Needle Felted Fox - Kristen Walsh
  • Two-pattern Double-knitting - Alasdair Post-Quinn
  • The Long and the Short of It - 6 Ways to Spin Locks - Esther Rodgers
  • Introduction to Cables - Kira Dulaney
  • Fluffing your Braids: Making Worsted Braids Woolen - Jillian Moreno
  • Needle Felted Winter Landscape - Kristen Walsh
  • Twist, Grist, and Wraps per Inch - Maggie Casey
  • Slip-Stitch Mosaic Knitting - Kira Dulaney
  • Drafting Together: Working on a Parallel Plane - Jillian Moreno
  • Finishing Your Yarn - Maggie Casey
  • Advanced Beginner Double-knitting - Alasdair Post-Quinn
  • Sculptural Corespinning: Not Your Traditional Spinning! - Esther Rodgers
  • Introduction to Entrelac - Kira Dulaney
  • Color Value and Choosing Braids That Work Together - Jillian Moreno
  • Needle Felted Owl - Kristen Walsh
  • Hand Cards, Not Just for Rolags - Maggie Casey
  • Texture in Double-knitting - Alasdair Post-Quinn
  • Color Blending: Unlocking the Spectrum - Esther Rodgers
  • Gauge and Blocking - Kira Dulaney

Registration opens Saturday, November 19 at 1:00 pm ET at https://www.lessonface.com/sheepandwool. Complete class descriptions will be available on Lessonface at that time.


Make it Gathering - Saturday, Nov. 19th 10-2pm
This will be located at the Mt. Vernon Commons House, 3322 Commons Circle, Anchorage, AK. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. This is on the north side of West 34th, between C Street and Arctic.

Bring a project you are working on and visit with your fellow guild members! There are 3 rooms at the Commons House. People are gathering in any one of the rooms depending on the craft they are working.

Dena'ina Sale Christmas Arts & Crafts Emporium has been postponed until 2023.

Make-It Gathering at Mt. Vernon Commons Monthly 3rd Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Mark your calendar and join us for the Monthly Make-it Gatherings on the third Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The gathering is held at Mt. Vernon Commons. The Commons House has 3 separate rooms for gathering. We will dedicate some of the rooms to different study groups. Please join us for either a study group or to simply work on your project with others. 3322 Commons Circle Anchorage, AK 99503

Newsletter Submissions
As always, we love photos and articles from our members. Did you learn something new that you want to share? Was there a textile book or a new tool you want to review? Share your progress or lessons learned on your newest project.