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Guild membership is open to anyone interested in weaving, spinning and other fiber arts. Two types of membership are available: Active $45/year and subscribing (newsletter only) $10/year. You can register in person at a monthly meeting, by mail or online below.

Active membership ($45/year) or
Subscribing membership ($10/year)

A. Active Members shall:

  1. Pay dues of $45.00;
  2. Receive a nametag and membership card;
  3. Have voting privileges in elections and on other matters;
  4. Have the option to serve on the Board if desired;
  5. Receive the monthly newsletter;
  6. Rent Guild equipment;
  7. Have access to Guild library materials; and
  8. Have first priority for space in workshops.

B. Subscribing Membership shall:

  1. Pay dues of $10.00;
  2. Receive the monthly newsletter;
  3. Rent Guild equipment with sponsorship of a Guild member only;
  4. Have access to Guild library materials with the sponsorship of a Guild member; and
  5. Be notified of workshops through the newsletter.