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Spirit weaving by Zann Carter
Spirit weaving
by Zann Carter


























































































Calendar of Events - see the newsletter in the Members Only area for more details on events.
We have guild meetings September through May.

To both promote the fiber arts in our csommunity and to encourage participation in a wide variety of events, the Guild welcomes individuals and businesses to advertise events & classes in our online Guild calendar.  For full details and rates (if applicable) please review our Advertising Policy.

Fairbanks Weavers Guild
The Fairbanks Weavers Guild is managing the estate sale for Penny Wakefield's personal estate as well as closing the Fairbanks Guild studio space. They have a ton of yarn, quite a bit of fiber, lots of looms, a spinning wheel and various other items like furniture, books and artwork. They are especially interested in finding a home for a computerized Toika and an AVL Compudobby. Both are very large and are currently asking $4,000, or best offer, for each.

Here’s a link to some of the items they have for sale. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12FnZ2bVV1SYaHosLb7dv_KYZGh-aeCLp
They are working on keeping the photos up to date, so they may change from day to day if something is sold. They are also putting comments on items that have been spoken for, but not yet purchased. Comments on the photos or a message sent to fairbanksweavers@gmail.com would be the best way to coordinate if anyone is interested in anything they have for sale.

Make-It Gatherings
We are re-starting the Make-it Gatherings after a long hiatus. This will be located at the Mt. Vernon Commons House, 3322 Commons Circle, Anchorage, AK. This is on the north side of West 34th, between C Street and Arctic.
Bring a project you are working on and visit with your fellow guild members! There are 3 rooms at the Commons House. One of the rooms will be dedicated to SAORI weaving, led by Farrah Weinert.
Note that the Band weaving group will not be held this month due to multiple people traveling. However, you can bring your band weaving project and show the others.

Alaska State Fair Update
The fair is on – August 20th through September 6, 2021. Any project completed since the 2019 Alaska State Fair is eligible for entry.

Alaska State Fair Signup: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4ba9af28a7f85-fiber

General Schedule:
Exhibit Entry – Irwin Building:
Friday, August 6, 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday, August 7, 11 am – 7 pm

Exhibit Pick Up:
Tuesday, September 7, 1 pm – 6 pm (Irwin Bldg)
Saturday, September 11, 1 pm – 6 pm (Hoskins Bldg)

Any project completed since the 2019 Alaska State Fair is eligible for entry.

Weblink for Fiber and Fleece 2021 entry information and general information: https://www.alaskastatefair.org/site/exhibit/fiber-fleece/

2021/2022 Guild Year Fashion Show by Lorri Wright
We are still planning to have a Fashion Show in the upcoming year - but it will be virtual! We will schedule members to model their clothes at different times and film each outfit. The individual video clips will be compiled with a voice over to describe each of the outfits. This combined film will be shown at various locations, including our guild website. Farrah Weinert will coordinate the effort and will be requesting volunteers in the near future. The first task is to find out how many will have an outfit ready to model – dates yet to be determined. A Survey Monkey will arrive in your e-mail soon asking if you will have a garment ready, or near ready. This will determine the next steps and timeline. It would be wonderful to see a big turnout for this endeavor.

Study Groups

Band Weaving - Led by Joanne Teague - Meets Monthly 3rd Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
The band weaving group is ready for our next project - Sanadahimo bands. Check out Karen’s indepth article on page 7 and come join us!

Band Weaving SampleDouble woven Sandahimo bands on inkle or rigid heddle. This will be a lot of fun, and available to anyone who wants to join us. You need a loom that will make 2 sheds, 2 swords and a shuttle.
Designing Tessellations
Later, this summer, weave along from the book “Oseberg 34D” by Bente Skogsaas. Available from the author https://www.facebook.com/bente.skogsaas/

Meeting ID: 841 8684 9356 Passcode: 055815

SAORI Weaving - Led by Farrah Weinert - Meets Monthly 2nd Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Join this active group in monthly challenges exploring Saori weaving.
Meeting ID: 811 4343 0380   Passcode: AWSGsaori

Tessellations - Led by Sarah Robicheaux - The study group is taking a small summer break.  We will meet again starting in August, with chapter 5 of Designing Tessellations. including the linear exercise and the photo symmetry exercise on pg 120.
What is a tessellation? It’s an interlocking design that repeats perfectly across a surface.We are a stress-free group, enjoying our new discoveries using the 17 2-dimensional symmetry groups.

NEW! Make-It Gathering at Mt. Vernon Commons Monthly 3rd Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Mark your calendar and join us for the Monthly Make-it Gatherings on the third Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Formerly held at the Senior Center, the gathering will now be at Mt. Vernon Commons. The Commons House has 3 separate rooms for gathering. We will dedicate some of the rooms to different study groups. Please join us for either a study group or to simply work on your project with others.

3322 Commons Circle Anchorage, AK 99503

Needle Felting by Pam Clifton

Pam Clifton's pumpkins     Pam Cllifton's felted      Pam Clifton's felted apples

ANWG 2023 Conference
The 2021 ANWG has been canceled and will be re-scheduled for 2023 in Bend, OR. HGA Convergence is now scheduled for 2022 in Knoxville, TN. If you are planning on attending the ANWG 2023 conference, you might consider a detour visiting the Aurora Colony Museum in Oregon.

ANWG 2023

Join us June 11-18, 2023 at the
Riverhouse Convention Center ~ Bend, Oregon

mannequinGarment Makers Study Group
by Anne Brooks
Even in these days of self-isolation, we can find interesting information on the internet and share this via Zoom, individual calls and on the AWSG Facebook page. I’ve found some links and groups that may be of interest: Sewing for Weavers group on Facebook, AWSG Saori Weavers,8-Shaft Weaving and Inspirations Magazine.

I am hoping those who are interested will consider making your own fitting muslin this summer. There are a wealth of resources on the Internet including YouTube videos, online courses and other how-tos. We could all find a particular course, or take different ones and critique the differences. If you are interested in a summer project, want to join the group or just want an update, give Anne a call at 907-242-6405.

2020 AWSG Challenge

Guild Challenge – Plan a Fashion Favorite
The guild challenge is intended to encourage and enable people to plan out a garment or accessory that will be a favorite item, one that you really enjoy wearing and can wear often. While you are welcome to plan anything you desire, we were hoping to enable you to make a garment that is both useful and special.

To facilitate this, we have an ongoing study group. Topics are far ranging and open to input and include so far: color, what shape looks best on your body shape and texture and drape.

The April challenge is not to complete this garment, but to work on your design. You can start anywhere. Duplicate a favorite garment shape or color. Fall in love with a weaving pattern then plan the colors and yardage. Spin fiber for a sweater with warmth in mind. For inspiration here is a link to Kate Larson’s short article about the notes she keeps as she creates a new project:

Band Weaving Study GroupBand Weaving Study Group
The study group formerly known as “The Card Weaving Study Group” voted to expand their focus to all types of band weaving. We are currently working on Snartemo card woven bands.

These bands have warp floats, creating a more three-dimensional band. Members of the group can collectively work on the “group” band or go their own way. The group is about learning, sharing and helping each other. As needed we have hosted meetings for more beginners on warping, etc. All are welcome. We have been meetings the 3rd Saturday of the month, 10-1pm.

We created a (closed) Facebook group titled “AWSG Bandweaving Study Group”. Please join us if you are interested. Just search for the group name on Facebook and request to join.

Other Fiber Activities Around the State:

Alaska has a vibrant and active fiber community. Here is a sampling of events happening around State you may be interested in attending.

Cordova Fiber Arts Guild

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cdvfiber/?hc_ref=SEARCH

Check out their Facebook page to keep current on what members are working on.


Eagle River Spinners
Location: Eagle River Library; Eagle River, AK
Dates: 10 AM, third Saturday of the month
Location: Eagle River Library

The Eagle River Spinners welcome anyone interested in the fiber arts. Please join us at 10 am on the third Saturday of the month at the Eagle River Library. This is an opportunity to not only to spin together, but as an outreach to, and educational tool for, our community.


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